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Why does FIMOR use polyurethane in the manufacture of screen printing squeegees ?

  • For its chemical resistance : It resists aggressive inks and solvents. Polyurethane materials are often used in protective varnishes.
  • For its abrasion resistance : It resists wear across the screen mesh. Polyurethane is used for industrial wheels and conveyor fittings.
  • For its elastic properties : It maintains its dynamic elastic properties on the printing press. Polyurethane is used in automotive shock absorbers.

Polyurethane squeegees are made by casting, either by centrifuge or in individual flat sheet molds. FIMOR only uses centrifuge casting.


Centrifuge cast : Liquid urethane is poured into a heated cylindrical drum which utilizes centrifugal force, spreading the liquid evenly across the drum, forcing air bubbles out, and creating a band of urethane which is cut into flat strips after setting and curing. With this method, FIMOR can provide consistency and quality in larger batches.


  • Casting of a cylinder (or sometimes directly a flat sheet)
  • Cutting of the cylinder (urethane band) into a sheet
  • Cutting the sheet into individual blades: a critical aspect of the process then into smaller blades, if required