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Designed to quickly clean your squeegees.

Squeegee washer

serilor®BLADE RUNNER is a revolutionary unit utilizing compressed-air driven components and screen cleaning solvents to wash ink from squeegee blades quickly and efficiently right on the production floor.


Machine specifications

  • Maximum Squeegee Length: Single operator for up to 48″ (121 cm) squeegees. Two-person operation for longer squeegees.
  • Power Requirement: Air pressure 40 psi @ 9 cfm (2.7 BAR @ 0.25cmm) (No electrical components).
  • Physical Size: approx. 39″L x 20″W x 39″H (100 x 51 x 100 cm)
  • Weight: (uncrated) 72 lbs. (32,5kg)

Features include

  • Lightweight, mobile unit can be placed near the press to clean squeegees/floodbars immediately after use.
  • Air-driven components ensure complete safety when used with water, cleaning solutions* and/or solvents*.
  • Cleans squeegees and floodbars in seconds.
  • One 2-gallon (8 Liters) tank of cleaning solution cleans hundreds of squeegees.
  • Sight gauge indicates when to add or renew cleaning solution.
  • Quick-drain tank and removable components makes cleanup easy.

Save time!
Decrease spending on chemicals, rags and cleaning tools!
Reduce wear and tear on squeegees and floodbars!


*Not all commercial cleaners are recommended for squeegee cleaning. The Blade Runner includes instructions for pre-testing solutions/solvents.