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Gold anodized squeegee holders for printing presses.

Universal machine holder

Squeegee holders also die!

There are 4 reasons why you should replace them with a serilor®MACH.



  1. 1. Because squeegee holders are subject to bending and wear after a few years.
  2. 2. serilor®MACH squeegee holders reduce set up time by having squeegees and holders ready per color.
  3. 3. serilor®MACH squeegee holders are competitive with OEM equipment.
  4. 4. serilor®MACH squeegee holders adjust with most squeegees and machine models, including older equipment.

serilor®MACH comes in 3 standard anodized aluminum profiles for better resistance and a longer life.
These squeegee holders can be separated into 2 parts :

  • an upper profile (3 models : straight, 45 deg angle, « bolt in » see fig. 1, 2, 3)
  • short or long jaws (see fig. 4)

The jaws can be fixed on one of the upper grooves according to which part of the squeegee one wishes to use.
The removal of the three part components is very fast and facilitates easy cleaning.

serilor®MACH « straight » (fig. 1)


This model is designed for presses that offer adjustable squeegee angle set up.

It offers :

  • Quick and easy set up
  • Versatility to use different squeegee sizes

Now it is possible to keep an inventory of a higher number of ready to use holders for longer squeegee rest before re-use or re-sharpening. It helps standardising the parts and may reduce the number of squeegee types needed with various printing equipment.

serilor®MACH « 15° » (fig. 2)


This profile presents the same features as the “straight” model. Thanks to a built-in and fixed 15° angle, it is designed to be set up on older presses with no squeegee inclination adjustment facility.

These first two models can be fixed directly on beams : 40×40 – 40×50 – 40×60 mm. (from 1.9/16″ x 1.9/16″ to 2.3/8″)
They can be set up with the original clamp (supplied with the machines).


serilor®MACH « bolt in » (fig. 3)


This model was designed to be bolted directly onto the beam, rather than secured with a clamp. 3 slots for an eventual drilling have been provided.

This model can also be fixed on the sides of the press and can be used with the same set of jaws as the “straight” models ones (15° angle).

Set of jaws: (fig. 4)


2 different heights are available

  • “standard” : 54,1 mm or 2.1/8 inches
  • “compact” : 37,6 mm or 1.1/2 inches

In both cases, the holders can be adjusted to accept squeegees from 5 to 10 mm thickness.

Please note : our manual squeegee holders (serilor®MACH) can often be adjusted to “one hand” machines.