Squeegee edge polisher

The DIAMOND-FINE squeegee edge polisher is a unique, manual tool to enhance the quality of squeegee edges. In most cases, grinding or cutting effectively sharpens a squeegee’s worn edges. However, for jobs that require superior image quality, hand polishing is the only method to produce long-lasting, streak-free edges.

The 600-grit DIAMOND-FINE polisher is a fast, consistant, easy way to fine tune squeegee edges for repeatable, high-quality results.

serilor squeegee polisher

DIAMOND-FINE surpasses all other manual devices for polishing squeegee edges:

  • Unlike sandpaper, Emery® cloth, etc., diamonds do not wear, tear, or fray on polyurethane.
  • DIAMOND-FINE is easy to use and takes half the time of any other method to produce a polished edge.
  • The precision V-shape of the tool will polish consistantly both edges of the squeegee simultaneously.
  • DIAMOND-FINE fits all squeegee thicknesses from 5-12.5 mm (1/4-1/2 inch).
  • The polished edge will eliminate image streaking and prevent skipping caused by new or freshly sliced squeegee edges.
  • Due to the length and shape of the tool, the polished edge will remain straight and uniform along the entire length of the squeegee.
  • The tool will not overheat during extended polishing.
  • Like all diamond tools, the DIAMOND-FINE carries a full 5-year Limited Warranty.
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