Diamond MAXITRONIC is a medium size, fully automatic precision squeegee sharpener with two industrial strength diamond sharpening wheels. This free-standing unit can sharpen 37” (94cm) in models MXTR-137 – MXTR-237 and up to 48” (122 cm) in models MXTR-148 – MXTR-248.

squeegee sharpener maxitronic

Machine specifications

MXTR-137; MXTR-148: 115-120v
MXTR-237; MXTR-248: 220v

Sharpening Length: MXTR-137; MXTR-237: 37’’ (94 cm) – MXTR-148; MXTR-248: 48’’ (122cm).
Sharpening Profile: Two straight/square-edge wheels supplied as standard (other profiles and custom wheels available).
Diamond Wheel Grit: #120 and #230 grit supplied standard (other grit sizes available).
Material removal: Recommended rate not more than 0.0025’’ (0.05-0.10mm) in a single pass.
Blade Height Tolerance: +/- 0.006’’ (0.15mm) measured from end to end.
Power Requirement:
MXTR-137; MXTR-148 = 115-120v AC 2Amp
MXTR-237; MXTR-248 = 220-230v AC 1Amp (Please specify).
Physical Size:

37’’ (94cm) Model:
Length: 57’’ (145 cm)
Height: 46’’ (117 cm)
Width: 27’’ (69 cm)

48’’ (122cm) Model:
Length: 73’’ (185 cm)
Height: 46’’ (117 cm)
Width: 27’’ (69 cm)


  • Sharpens a wide range of squeegee materials (some materials sharpen better than others*), including single and multiple durometer.
  • Uniform grinding pressure and adjustment for material removal. 
  • Secures squeegee by the blade during sharpening.
  • Accommodates various squeegee holders.
  • Includes two industrial strength diamond wheels with a 5-year warranty against diamond wear with normal use.
  • Includes vacuum system on 100-115V models. 220V models supplied with spare parts kit. (Vacuum to be supplied locally by customer).
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