Diamond KUT

Diamond KUT is a high quality, manually-operated sharpener for longer squeegees in two sizes to sharpen up to 60” (153cm) or 76” (193cm). Eliminates operator error by holding squeegee blade parallel to grinding wheel during sharpening.


Machine specifications

DK-260; DK-276

Sharpening Length: 60″ (153cm) or 76″ (193cm).
Sharpening Profile: Two straight/square-edge wheels supplied as standard.
Diamond Wheel Grit: #100 and #360 grit supplied as standard (other grit sizes available).
Material removal: Recommended rate 0.002-0.005″ (0.05-0.10mm) – Grit dependent.
Blade Height Tolerance: +/- 0.006″ (0.15mm) measured from end to end.
Edge Straightness: Adjustable from -0.050″ to +0.050″ camber (-1.22mm to +1.22mm camber).
Power Requirement: 115-120v AC15Amp (230v AC optional).
Physical Size:

60’’ (153cm) Model:
Length: 80’’ (203 cm)
Height: 62’’ (157 cm)
Width: 27’’ (69 cm)

76’’ (193cm) Model:
Length: 96’’ (244 cm)
Height: 62’’ (157 cm)
Width: 27’’ (69 cm)


  • Sharpens a wide range of squeegee materials (some materials sharpen better than others*), including single and multiple durometer.
  • Special squeegee-clamping mechanism accommodates all holder profiles without bending or flexing the blade during sharpening.
  • Unique vertical lift assures consistent parallelism between sharpening wheel and blade.
  • Includes two 6’’ indestructible diamond sharpening wheels with a 5-year warranty against diamond wear in normal use.
  • Fully enclosed sharpening wheel for maximum safety during use.
  • Prepared for the installation of a vacuum system to clean residue from the sharpened squeegee (vacuum not included).
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