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serilor® screen printing squeegees


High resistance squeegees
serilor® HR1, HR3 & HR5

High resistance serilor squeegeesFor use with industrial and UV inks that require maximum abrasion and chemical resistance.
Available in white color, in most profiles and dimensions, in single, double, triple & quintuple layers. serilor® HR5 offers both rigidity for precision printing and softness to absorb vibrations on large format, multi-color presses.

Universal squeegees
serilor® SR1 & SR3

serilor SR1 SR3Your ideal choice for all purpose printing, combining good resistance to chemicals and abrasion; Easy sharpening. Color coded serilor® is the most widely sold reference in our range. Available in with special colors, profiles, dimensions and hardness from 60 to 90 shA in single, double and triple layers.

Best value squeegees
serilor® LC1 & LC3

serilorLC rangePerformance at an attractive price; the right choice for all non-critical applications ranging from textile to multi-purpose graphic printing. Color coded. Available in single and triple layers.
serilor® TXS3 55/90/55sh squeegee is now part of the standard serilor® LC3 range and is specially designed for high density printing with manual or automatic equipment.

serilor® D

square profile serilor squeegeeFor high precision screen printing applications such as PCBs, solar panels, CD’s… Abrasion and aggressive ink resistant serilor®D blades offer a long life associated with 4 perfect knife-cut printing edges.

serilor® CD

optical printing serilor squeegeesFor optical media printing, packed in convenient, ready-to-use, pre-cut sizes.
These blades offer 4 sharp cut edges for precision printing. Various sizes in single, double and triple hardness available.

serilor® CERAM

ceramic printing serilor squeegeeHigh Resistance squeegees in hardness ranging from 35 to 55sh as needed for the direct printing of ceramics or tiles.
Also available with soft core and 75 shA edges for curved substrates (CERAM 3).

serilor® AS

antistatic serilor squeegeeA more conductive polyurethane used to reduce static problems in screen printing.
Development product available as a special only.

serilor® HAND

serilorHAND_SR squeegeeGold anodized squeegee holders for manual printing. Adapts to various squeegee sizes with no glue. Stiff, light, easy to maintain for life long use.

serilor® MACH

machine squeegee holderGold anodized squeegee holders for printing presses. 3 models and 2 heights fit all squeegee sizes and replace OEM models at a great value.

serilor® PROFILS


  • P0 : Straight square edge
  • P1 : Double bevel + flat land 60° angle + 1mm flat (±0,5mm)
  • P2 : Single bevel + flat land 45° angle + 1mm flat (±0,5mm)
  • P3 : Round bevel
  • P5 : Double bevel (V type)
  • P6 : Single bevel 45° angle
  • D : «Diamond» square profile

application FimorDownload Fimor checker’s App on your smartphone to instantly scan and check the genuine character of your serilor® squeegee blade (available on Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Market).

serilor® sharpeners and accessories

serilor® SHORT-CUT

short-cut squeegee sharpenerEntry level, high precision diamond wheel sharpeners.
No extra consumables needed.
Low cost with excellent performance for small format sharpening (from 51 cm / 20’’up to 97 cm / 38’’)

serilor® MAXI

4maxiEntry level, high precision diamond wheel sharpeners. Includes 2 standard diamond wheels with 2 different grits (Coarse and Fine). No extra consumables needed. Low cost with excellent performance for small format sharpening (from 51 cm / 20’’ up to 97 cm / 38’’).

serilor® MAXITRONIC, serilor® KUT, serilor® KUTRONIC

serilor kutronicAffordable manual and automatic high precision large format sharpeners using diamond wheel technology. Models up to over 3.5 meters (138 inches). Over 1000 diamond sharpeners sold worldwide. sharpening (from 51 cm / 20’’ up to 97 cm / 38’’).

Optional wheel shapes available for all standard squeegees profiles​.

serilor® CLIPPER

serilor Clipper FimorConvenient tool for safely rounding up squeegee corners, preventing mesh wear.

serilor® CUT

cutConvenient tools for safely and cleanly cutting squeegees to length, reducing occupational hazards and improving the handling of PU blades.


serilor squeegee polisherSurpasses all other manual devices for consistent polishing of both squeegee edges simultaneously. Prevents streaks and premature edge wear.

Maintenance instructions

Gently insert the squeegee in a machine or hand holder. Use appropriate squeegee thickness to avoid forcing the blade in the holder. If the holder construction allows for it, regularly change the printing side of the squeegee to minimize the effect of bending with speed and pressure. Rotate your squeegee often : do not wait until mechanical & chemical wear permanently bends your blade : replace it by a fresh one and allow it to relax, flat, for up to 24 hours

Remove excess of ink with a cardboard or a soft cloth. Wash blade with a cloth saturated with appropriate cleaning chemicals. Avoid the use of aggressive chemicals, in particular ink thinners. Let the squeegee rest and the chemicals evaporate before re-use or resharpen.

serilor® squeegee blades can be sharpened by all methods commonly used in the screen printing industry. Sharpen dry squeegees only. Never allow a squeegee with solvents to be sharpened and don’t wash a hot, freshly sharpened blade with chemicals. Do not try to grind excessive material in one pass. Precision printing requires a preventive sharpening to level the squeegee edge to the holder shape.

Storing / Shelf life
For all medium or long term storage, blades must be kept flat, unrolled, especially prior to use. Store in a dry cool place away from any direct source of light. If the squeegee is exposed to extreme temperature and humidity conditions, its hardness characteristics may be altered.


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